Murray Middle School Expectations


It is important that you and your student be informed of our standards for school and classroom behavior so that
everyone knows what is expected. We have always found parents to be supportive of good classroom behavior so their
child has an environment that is conducive to maximum learning.
If your child develops any difficulties complying with the rules and expectations, we will notify you. As well, we hope
that you will advise us if at any time your child has a problem academically, socially, or emotionally. Should your child become discouraged or anxious about school, please communicate with us so that we can work together towards a positive resolution of the issue.
The CPS Student Code of Conduct booklet will be adhered to for disciplinary measures. Failure to follow the CPS Student Code of Conduct and the Murray Parent/Student Handbook will result in the appropriate disciplinary action; such as, but not limited to: Teacher-Student Conference, Teacher-Student-Parent Conference, Teacher-Student-Administration Conference, Detention, or other Administrative Action.
Your rights as a student:
• To attend a safe and educationally enriching school and make it a better place
• To be treated with respect and care by all students and school personnel
• To be provided with an environment that helps you learn and to receive academic and personal guidance as needed
• To play an active role in your education

Your responsibilities as a student:
• To abide by all rules of behavior and to be cooperative in the learning environment
• To be respectful by following the directions of all teachers and staff, using proper language and manners, and treating others kindly
• To complete all your work on a timely basis and to demonstrate your personal best in all academic areas
• To use all school materials appropriately, respect others personal space and property, and to report suspicious activity
• To exhibit character in all situations that reflects the pride and high expectations of the Murray school

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