What’s Happening in Math – Week of 2.29.16

Algebra – Since students learned about Point Slope Form while learning about Slope Intercept Form, we are skipping lesson 4-3 and moving forward. Lesson 4-4 is about writing equations of lines that are parallel and perpendicular to each other. Students will take a quiz on Friday on this lesson.

7th Pre A (2nd Period) – We were unable to learn about lesson 6-3 last week, so that is our focus this week. Students will learn about dimensional analysis and converting units within systems of measurements. Students will take a quiz on Friday on this lesson.

8th Pre A – This week we will learn about Lesson 12-4, the Volume of Cones, Spheres, and Pyramids. Students have their Mid Chapter 12 test on Friday. We will be studying and reviewing the Volume of Prisms, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, and Pyramids for this test.

7th Pre A (4th period) Р On Monday and Tuesday, students will learn about how to write equations in lesson 4-6. We will spend Wednesday reviewing for the Chapter 4 test which will take place over two days (if necessary Рon Thursday and Friday).

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