What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/11/16

Algebra – This week we are wrapping up Chapter 2 with finishing up Absolute Value Equations, completing a two day mini project which is a review for the test, and the Chapter 2 test slated on Thursday (this is subject to change to Friday depending on the duration of mini project).

7th Pre Algebra (2nd Period) – We will wrap up Chapter 4 this week with finishing up lesson 4-6 and reviewing for the test which will happen on Thursday. Friday we will work on a Mars Task that assess students’ ability to write and solve equations.

8th Pre Algebra – Although students took a test on Friday (1/8) on Translations, Rotations, and Reflections, and were able to use the foldable they created for the review, it appears that the majority of the class needs a bit more time to master these concepts since more than half of the class received a score of 70 or below. Therefore, this week we will come back to Transformations by learning about Dilations (lesson 6-8) and reviewing Translations and Rotations (lesson 2-7) and Rotations (11-3) and retake the test including Dilations on Friday.

7th Pre Algebra (4th Period) – Using what we learned about the distributive property, this week we are going to focus on lesson 4-2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions. Students will take a quiz on Friday.


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