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What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/4/16

Algebra – This week we will continue to improve our solving equations abilities by working on lessons 2-3 and 2-4 Multi-Step Equations and Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides. We will end the week with a mini project on analyzing equations with one variable. Looking ahead to next week, students will wrap up Chapter 2 with lesson 2-5 Absolute Value Equations and take an assessment on Chapters 2-1 through 2-5 since we worked this chapter out of sequence.

7th Pre A (2nd Period) – This week we will focus on solving equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign and writing two step equations from a real world context (lessons 4-5 and 4-6). Expect the Chapter 4 test to occur the week of January 11th).

8th Pre A II – We will finish up our mini unit on Transformations this week by focusing on Rotations (lesson 11-3). Students will take a test on Friday on all three types of transformations (translation, reflection, rotation).

7th Pre A (4th Period) – Moving on from Percents and Decimals, we going to begin our Algebra Unit for Chapter 4. This week we will focus on lesson 4-1 the Distributive Property. Students will take a quiz on Friday on the distributive property.


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