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What’s Happening in Math – Week of 2/1/16

REMINDER: There is no school for students on Friday, February 5th due to a Teacher Institute Day.

Algebra – This week we are learning about the Zero of a Graph and about finding the Rate of Change of Linear Functions (lessons 3-2 and 3-3). Students should expect a quiz during the week of 2/8/16.

7th Pre Algebra (2nd Period) – This week we will focus on writing, solving, and graphing inequalities from lessons 5-2 and 5-3. Students should expect a quiz during the week of 2/8/16.

8th Pre-Algebra – This week we are working on Congruent Triangles (lesson 11-2) and Quadrilaterals (lesson 11-4).Students should expect a quiz during the week of 2/8/16.

7th Pre- Algebra (4th Period) – This week we will take a break from the text book and work on a four day project on Interpreting Algebraic Expressions. Students will be working with a partner to create matches for verbal expressions, algebraic expressions, and tables. Homework will be given from other sources for the week.


This week in Reading and Writing

This week students will be completing the NWEA test for Reading and Math. Classwork will be limited, homework assignments are still on schedule. Students will have time to retake quizzes and address areas of need when they complete the NWEA test. If needed make up and completion of the test will happen Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday- student research essays and Info Books due.

Wednesday- Periods 3 and 4 literature circle projects due

Thursday- Hard copy of research essay due with cover page, work cited page, and interesting facts.

Family Galley walk for Info Books (flyers will come home on Monday).

Friday- Reading Records are due. Students should have read 1,000 pages for an A for independent reading. My grade book closes, work will not be accepted after Friday for the 2nd quarter.


What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/25/16

NWEA Testing!! All classes will take the math NWEA test on Monday, and Reading NWEA on Tuesday.

We will spend the rest of the week working on the same concepts as last week. Homework will be reduced due to testing.

U of C Tutoring

University of Chicago Tutoring Program

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NWEA Testing – Middle of the Year Test

NWEA testing schedule as follows:

7th and 8th grade Math – Monday, January 25th

7th and 8th grade Reading – Tuesday, January 26th and Wednesday, January 27th

Make Up/Finish dates for Math and Reading: Wednesday, January 27th and Thursday, January 28th

** Please ensure that your child is adequately prepared for the test by encouraging them to have a full nights rest and eat breakfast before arriving to school or at school.

What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/18/16

Algebra – This week we are starting Chapter 3-1, Graphing Linear Functions. Students will learn how to graph linear equations using the x and y intercepts, interpret x and y intercepts, and learn how to convert equations from standard form to slope intercept form.

7th Pre-Algebra (2nd period) – This week we are starting Chapter 5-1 Perimeter and Area and Chapter 5-2 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides. Students will use equations to solve area and perimeter problems.

8th Pre-Algebra – Continuing with our Geometry unit, we are moving to lesson 11-1 about Angle and Line Relationships. Students will learn about different angles with parallel lines and a transversal, as well as write equations to solve for missing angles. Students will take a quiz on Friday on 11-1 and will also see a few problems about dilations on this quiz from lesson 6-8.

7th Pre-Algebra (4th period) – As of last week, too many students still struggled with the concepts in 4-1 and 4-2 (the distributive property and simplifying algebraic expressions). Encourage your child to study at home. We are spending 3 more days working on these concepts this week. Students will be quizzed on Thursday.

What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/11/16

Algebra – This week we are wrapping up Chapter 2 with finishing up Absolute Value Equations, completing a two day mini project which is a review for the test, and the Chapter 2 test slated on Thursday (this is subject to change to Friday depending on the duration of mini project).

7th Pre Algebra (2nd Period) – We will wrap up Chapter 4 this week with finishing up lesson 4-6 and reviewing for the test which will happen on Thursday. Friday we will work on a Mars Task that assess students’ ability to write and solve equations.

8th Pre Algebra – Although students took a test on Friday (1/8) on Translations, Rotations, and Reflections, and were able to use the foldable they created for the review, it appears that the majority of the class needs a bit more time to master these concepts since more than half of the class received a score of 70 or below. Therefore, this week we will come back to Transformations by learning about Dilations (lesson 6-8) and reviewing Translations and Rotations (lesson 2-7) and Rotations (11-3) and retake the test including Dilations on Friday.

7th Pre Algebra (4th Period) – Using what we learned about the distributive property, this week we are going to focus on lesson 4-2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions. Students will take a quiz on Friday.


Next week in Reading/ Writing

Hi parents,

Today, Friday, January 8, students received their progress reports. Please be sure to ask your child about them.

8th grade:

Continuing the study of analyzing arguments. Students will have typing time in class for their essays due on the 26th. Students should have the first 7 paragraphs done for their outlines.

Additional Homework: Students will have to answer text dependent questions of the following articles.

Monday- Sprouting Off

Wednesday- Debate: Virtual Ed

Friday- Quiz with Cloning Around analysis with questions



Students will be continuing the study of comparing two or more texts. Students will have to complete the graphic organizers of venn diagrams or t-chart. They will also be comparing the text to the audio and video versions. For Writing, students should be working on their presentations and Info Books that are due on the 27th. The following week, they will present their presentations to a peer for peer feedback and editing.

Additional Homework: Students will have to answer text dependent questions of the following articles.

Monday- Vocabulary worksheet

Wednesday- Everglades text dependent questions


Enjoy your weekend!

What’s Happening in Math – Week of 1/4/16

Algebra – This week we will continue to improve our solving equations abilities by working on lessons 2-3 and 2-4 Multi-Step Equations and Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides. We will end the week with a mini project on analyzing equations with one variable. Looking ahead to next week, students will wrap up Chapter 2 with lesson 2-5 Absolute Value Equations and take an assessment on Chapters 2-1 through 2-5 since we worked this chapter out of sequence.

7th Pre A (2nd Period) – This week we will focus on solving equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign and writing two step equations from a real world context (lessons 4-5 and 4-6). Expect the Chapter 4 test to occur the week of January 11th).

8th Pre A II – We will finish up our mini unit on Transformations this week by focusing on Rotations (lesson 11-3). Students will take a test on Friday on all three types of transformations (translation, reflection, rotation).

7th Pre A (4th Period) – Moving on from Percents and Decimals, we going to begin our Algebra Unit for Chapter 4. This week we will focus on lesson 4-1 the Distributive Property. Students will take a quiz on Friday on the distributive property.


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